An Accommodation Full of Comfort in Shimla

When it comes for travelling outside the home, all we need is a plan, which should be made in an organized way. If we are travelling solo, we don’t care for the accommodation much but if we are travelling with the entire family, it is obviously the worry of accommodation. We all want our families to be safe and secure, they won’t face any kind of distraction during the journey or stay. It should get all the amenities, just like home. The security is the main concern, which you will find none other than Homestay. Staying in Homestay in Himachal is totally about fun. Between the lush green Himalayas and soothing waves all around is the best thing one can have while travelling or staying. The beautiful and well-furnished homestay offers many advantages like spacious rooms, lawn, terrace, tasteful cuisine, new culture and tradition, experience of new place in a budget price.

Exquisite View of Sunset in Shimla


No need to worry about security, because Homestay is a home where already a family is living and ready to welcome you with their special hospitality. Have a pleasure of making new bonds, sharing the common interest and exchange of mutual understanding.

In Shimla, you will surely be having many places to entertain you. The weather, I tell you is appealing to visit it again and again. The mall road visit will the entire family at evening with some delicious snacks at the market like, corn, aalo ticky, golgappa, gulab jamun will eventually add value in your visit.

Spacious Bedrooms, all set with comfort


The interesting thing about this Homestay in Shimla is, at the evening you can have pleasure to watch the colors changing in the sky from golden yellow to sunset orange to deep purple and let Himalayas quietly embrace the moonlit night. Witness the most romantic union between the Himalayas and be the moon gazer, which will be the excited and different thing out of the stay.

When I visited with my family my parents were so enchanted by the place that they wanted it to be admired by everyone, they wanted to turn the fantasies of people who love nature into reality. The best way to fulfill this desire was to build a place where people can come and find solace with nature, where their tired bodies and exhausted minds can relax, where they can breathe peacefully. This Homestay offers all the facilities, you want for the stay.


The house came into being with the hard work and determination of three years, built in Fatechi 8 km from Shimla standing at the top of a mountain. Specialty of the Villa is that all the rooms have a ‘bay window’ overlooking the Himalayas. It symbolizes nature at its best.

Looking forward for the next stay, I suggest all of you out there to have a wonderful stay in this Homestay. The host and the family are so loving that we didn’t even thought once that they were strangers to me.



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