4 Best Places To Visit And Stay In Homestay This Summer

Planning to visit some top most beautiful places in India? Yes you are reading the right blog. I will suggest you some of the flawless and wonderful places to visit in India. You can plan a weekend with your family, a love one or with your peer group. Travelling is fun more with the friends. While visiting the places, you can book homestay for the complete stay, just like your own home. From breakfast to dinner, every meal gives the taste of homemade food. Expenditure costing will be very reasonable if compared with any other rest places.

Life is like an ice cream, have it before it melts. Book the homestay, which will make your visit worth. For making your journey memorable for the entire life, choose five best places and plan accordingly. In this hot summer, we all want to visit the places having snow and cool weather. Read out some of the best places to visit this season.

Shimla 1.jpg

How can the popular Shimla be left unvisited! Shimla, capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is a place where, everybody wants to visit. Let me share my experience, when I visited the valley. I wanted to visit Shimla so badly until I did one day. I took a Himachal Pradesh state transport bus, the only bus, which starts at 10:30PM and took distance from Manali and traveled overnight. I had a reservation near the window seat but unfortunately the window shutter glass had some problem, due to, which the window was not getting open properly. Yet the beauty of the city did not stood behind from my eyes. From the new bus stand I took a local bus to reach somewhere near the Mall Road for some winter shopping, paying Rs.5 whereas the taxi covers the same distance for Rs.250. Near the road there were many beautiful homestays in shimla and I choose one for the stay after the hectic shopping day.



Indore is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is known for its textile industry. For me, it was simply the station nearest to Omkareshwar, from where I could board my train to Bombay. Considering its importance as an industrial city, I expected to find accommodation easily, and it was a great surprise to me that Madhya Pradesh tourism had the homestays in Indore that provides all the facilities.

I had a list of places where I visited at Indore. There were beautiful temples and palaces that were so amazing that I am not getting over it. I pondered about hiring a car or doing the rounds in an auto, but finally, it was the host of the homestay who offered me the best suggestion. The host of my homestay was so kind and humble that he went with me to some of the famous tourist attractions of Indore.



However, this time, I also had a visit to Nainital, which will always be memorable for my entire life. I think the best part of my trip was the time I spent early in the morning sipping tea in the exquisite homestay, I booked before 3 days. The host and the family provided me the every basic amenity. It was a big homestay with 4 bedrooms, dining room, drawing room, lawn full of flowers, terrace.  There was also a balcony in my room, where I used to sip m coffee and have the pleasure of nature as the scenic beauty from the balcony was awesome. The weather was just remarkable. Every evening the breeze blows gently making the leaves of the gigantic trees in front of me shiver gently. There was no noise absolutely that made the stay full of peace and calm.



The whole visit, my focus was on natural beauty, peace and a place which is not very commercial. Therefore, I chalked Sikkim. Due to the summer and peak season of tourist, I was getting expensive accommodation. So I decided to explore myself in Homestay. I booked the Homestay in sikkim and it offered with unexpected beautiful things in many ways. On my whole journey, if I rate something from the journey, I would give 10 on 10 to the homestay in, which I stayed for 3 nights. It never make me feel realize that I am out of my home any residing somewhere else. They took take of me in a very good manner. I was feeling fully secure in the homestay with family.All the other homestays were already booked, so I was lucky to book the homestay soon.

Source: https://www.homevilas.com/Blog/2017/04/22/4-best-places-to-visit-and-stay-in-homestay-this-summer/


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