Incredible Fun by Taking Accommodation in Homestay at Ooty


Ooty is one of the most incredible hill stations of South India which entices tourists across the globe. This area is surrounded by the fascinating Nilgiris hills which are situated at 2286 m altitude. This is just a perfect place to experience the nature. Apart from this, there are the various tourist attractions, surroundings such as beautiful mountains, lakes, lush green forests and refreshing tea gardens which definitely refresh the visitors especially those who come from the area which is noisy and polluted. This is one of the most popular hill stations in India which offers the wide range of the accommodation as their home stays in Ooty and Tamilnadu.

If you are going to visit Ooty for the first time then it is necessary to make the list of the popular places. Moreover, this place has ample no off popular sights to visit which need not be missed.

Some popular sights are:

Ooty Lake:


This lake is built up by Mr. John Sullivan in 1824 and has become a popular picnic spot loved by the individuals of all ages. On this lake boating facility is also available which is been enjoyed by visitors due to the lush green environment. However, in order make your stay pleasing and comfortable you always need a perfect guide who can offer you best place to stay at the most deserving hill station of India where now thousands tourist from overseas also coming every year to view the beauty of nature and to get peace of mind.


Botanical Garden:


This garden was built up in 1847 and is another popular tourist spot which covers 22 hectares. This garden has plenty amount of trees, ferns, flowering, bushes, and orchids. Also in this garden, there is an old fossilized tree which draws the attention of tourists. Thus, you will find it very adventurous to stay in place, which can be also referred as jungle but you have to hire the best agency to get the place for staying with all the comforts that you are availing every day.

Government museum:


This museum displays tribal artefacts and the variety of other arts and crafts of the Tamilnadu. If you are a lover of art than do not miss to visit this incredible place.

St. Stephen’s Church:

This was built in 1829 and is one of the oldest churches of Nilgiris. Some other attraction of this place is Ketty Valley view and Nilgiris toy train.

How to reach here?

As Ooty is one of the most famous destinations among the national and international tourists destination. This place is connected well via air, rail, and road. Coimbatore is the nearest airport from this place.

 Well, this place has the wide range of the accommodation available but it is recommended to book hotels before reaching the place. The homestays hotels nowadays are becoming popular and emerging as demanded option in Ooty. These hotels offer all facilities such as the luxurious hotels and resorts and home like environment at the reasonable rate.

When it comes to traveling outside the home, we just need to make an organized plan. If we are about to travel solo, we really not much care about the accommodation much but if we are traveling with the entire family. But traveling with family gives you insecurity to make them safe and secure. Staying in the homestay is totally fun and offers advantages such as spacious room, lawn, terrace, new culture and tradition

The homestays give you stress-free serenity and calmness with unbeatable experience which should not lose. Traveling throughout the world gives freshness and enjoyment.

If you chose to live in the homestay it means living in a family with just another schedule. Choosing the accommodation is full of excitement as well as new things.

Benefits of choosing homestays;

Saves penny on each budget: 

Staying in the homestay is better than staying in the hotel as it will help you to save a lot of money as compared to other places.  The stays will offer you all the facilities of home and will not leave you with just one room just as the hotel.

Experience life with the locals

Staying in the place will with the locals be much adventurous and pleasing as mostly the people in the hill station are very friendly and kind hearted, which is rare in cities. Apart from the pleasing and comfortable stay, you will come to know the trends and lifestyle of people there.

Get surprised with the new culture and tradition

Each and every city has its norms and traditional values which you cannot experience without feeling it practically.  There is much in our lives to be explored in our life with various cultures be it dress code, spiritual values and   way of living. By just hiring perfect place to stay at the hill station you will get all the comforts that you get in any cosmopolitan cities and at the same time, you can enjoy the unusual beauty of nature, which is much rare to find in the contemporary world.

Meet with the new people and friendship with them

Homestays will give the opportunity to meet people speaking different languages, following various rituals, wearing specific outfits, and other things that you and your beloved ones will like to discover, which yet strange for you and your beloved ones in India. Further, you can also taste different local cuisines and feel living in heaven on the earth the hill station as you will be away from any crowded and polluted places.

Perfect place for self-actualization

At times when we achieve everything in life or we feel that why we are so worried about money making and other things although we possess everything needed for living the comfortable life. At the hill station by staying at perfect the perfect accommodation you can go for self-actualization where you will come know what exactly you are expecting out of your life. For this purpose, calm and peaceful hill station will act as the catalyst when thinking for hours and decide what you want to do further in your life to get peace and to stay away from hurries and worries.


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