In The Land of Strawberries — Homestays, and Destinations

About and Around Mahabaleshwar

In the Indian state of Maharashtra is a small town — Mahabaleshwar. A town completely packed with tourist destinations and delicious strawberries. The history of this town dates back to 1215 when a King built small temple and water tank at banks of Krishna. In the 17th century, Pratapgad Fort was built by Shivaji Maharaja in 1656.


This hill station in India’s the Western Ghats has several elevated viewpoints, waterfalls, cliffs, lakes, and forts. Along with these are the delicious strawberry products. Beautiful accommodation options are available for booking. From booking rental hotels to Homestays, Mahabaleshwar has it all.

The not so chilly hot summers, lush green lands and breathe taking scenes during monsoon and cool climate of winter offer a delectable weekend vacation. Extraordinary views can be experienced at all location at Mahabaleshwar. For an exquisite start and end of your day, Sunsets and Sunrises, visit Wilson Point of Sunrise. Peep from the overhanging cliff of Elephant Point, visit glorious scenery at Needle Hole Point and enjoy the fascinating Tablelands of Panchgani. During Mahabaleshwar Homestays, get engrossed in Venna lake and treks at Pratapgad Fort.

For some historical myths and stories don’t miss the legends and tales about the Kurds of Rajpuri Caves and other such historical place is Morarji Castle. Don’t sit back behind the screen of your cell phones, walk along, as the beauty and wonders of the land of Strawberries unfold. Finding and booking accommodations on rental should be done as initial part of planning.

Destinations around Mahabaleshwar:

Elephant’s Head Point


A cliff shaped as Elephant’s head is main attraction which is seen from Needle point’s view. It is the place where you and your beloved ones can spend two to three hours in peace. In addition, you and your companion can click some great photographs and view scenery. Some monkeys can be spotted around this area. This hill top offers a magnificent view of hills around covered with a sheet of grass.

  1. Wilson Point of Sunrise


Leave little early from your Homestay in Mahabaleshwar to be enthralled by this captivating sunrise at Wilson Point. The magical panoramic view is something you don’t want to miss. This place has a wide open meadow and tower made of bricks to enjoy the sunrise from different viewpoints. The tranquility, calmness and the cool breeze will always leave you to wonder struck.

  1. Venna Lake


Venna Lake creates in the year 1882 by Maharaja Appasaheb. This lake is covered with trees and tourists can enjoy bike rides and horse rides in and around the lake. A number of eateries are present along the line of the lake.

  1. Pratapgad Fort Trek


This is the site of ‘Battle of Pratapgad’ that took place in 1659. The structure is embarked with several permanent building, Afzal Tower, and a temple of Goddess Bhavani at the eastern side of the temple. The temple has a sword of Maratha General with 6 diamonds. This location is visited as a one day trip from Mahabaleshwar.

  1. Panchgani


Panchgani has various visiting destinations. Sydney Point, Table Land, Devil’s Kitchen, Mala’s fruit Products, and Mapro Garden are the main attractions of Panchgani. Mala’s is one of the best jam producers in India and this factory is a must visit destination. It is also famous for the production of Strawberries which are cultivated around the year. Comfortable homestay accommodations are available in Panchgani. Book your room and enjoy a pleasant weekend here.

  1. Arthur’s Point


Also known as Arthur’s seat, this is one of the many viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar. This location also has seven more small points on its way and snacks are also available. Keeping binoculars will prove handy as Pratapgad’s fort can be seen from this point. One of the interesting activity up here is throwing cold drink iron caps in the air. If thrown in right direction horizontally, the cap flows in the upward direction. This happens due to the air pressure in the region.

Homestays in Land of Strawberries

Serene and Spacious Homestays options are available in Mahabaleshwar. It is wise to book accommodations before leaving for Mahabaleshwar. Even if this is either solo trip or you love unplanned adventures, having a place pre booked for rest is always a plus point. These options are quite cheaper and always better. People offering Homestays are more welcoming and ‘feels’ of home always stays even while traveling. Also, these special accommodation options are completely equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi.

How to Reach?

Mahabaleshwar is well connected via Air and Road Transport from both Pune and Mumbai. Though the nearest airport is at Pune, 120Km from Mahabaleshwar. Several Buses run between Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar and it roughly takes six hours. For self-driving, it is only 4 to 5-hour drive from Mumbai.

To not compromise with time some may prefer Air route to Mahabaleshwar but beauty is in the roads and the stories that unfold in the way quite a lot more than the destination.

For some people traveling come a long way with lots of planning’s and discussions and especially when it is a family trip. So to avoid last minute rush and disappointments, it is better to pre book your accommodations at Hotel or Rentals at favourite Homestay.

Staying at a Home away from home is an emerging concept with more people indulging towards Homestay options. They offer decent food and are in the budget all the time. Packed with modern amenities and decent rooms, these are more welcoming than hotels.

Where to Eat?

Natural Treasures of Mahabaleshwar are strawberries, mulberries, corn, carrots and cherry sized tomatoes. Various sweets like toffees, ice creams, fudge, jellies — all made of strawberries can be tasted at various hubs around the town.

Other ranges of Italian Cuisines, lip smacking vegetable delicacies, continental and Thai dishes, kebab, bakery products and various other options are available at a range of restaurants.

Experience — Culture, and Tradition

India is a land of various cultures and ethnicities. Wherever you go, give a part of you and learn little of wherever you wander. Traveling involves not just the destinations and the journey but learning about new lives and local living. Look around, smile at them, say a word of happiness and gratitude and come back with lots of memories. Rental Homestays is serene places to stay, so book yours for next vacation.


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