Feel the Ecstasy in Mahabaleshwar by Staying Luxury Class Homestays

Everyone in this world at some point of time must have thought of redefining the meaning of ecstasy. However, due to one or other reason you have left your dream locked but now it is high me unleash your hidden dream and unlock them in king size. For unlocking your dream you just have to pick up few days from your busy work schedule and spend auspicious time in Mahabaleshwar. It is one of the hill stations of India, which is in state of Maharashtra. Further Mahabaleshwar is the largest hill station of Maharashtra, which is located of the hills of Western Ghats. The temperature of the hill station is always cool and pleasurable; therefore, it becomes perfect destination where you can spend summers.

Traditionally the hill station was only recognized by Indian crowd only but after globalization Mahabaleshwar has became one of the favoured places for spending holidays for tourists coming from foreign land. Further, the hill station is also known for world’s famous picnic spots, hills, mountains, thick green vegetation, and mind blowing landscapes. The beauty of the hill station is not just limited to natural beauty but it has also many places that will help you and your beloved ones in redefining the meaning ecstasy and be sure the hill station will always offer you pleasing surprises due to which you will always pick Mahabaleshwar in your list when it comes to spending vacations in India.

Some of the high end and luxury class accommodations available in Mahabaleshwar

 Ample Space 3 Bedroom Bungalow in Mahabaleshwar

 The bungalow in Mahabaleshwar is located at the prime location of the hill station from where you can get close proximity to varied tourists’ destination. Since, it is a luxury class bungalow of the hill station; therefore, by stay at this place you don’t have bother about various amenities that you avail in your regular life. The whole bungalow is completely spacious as well as fully air conditioned. In addition, at this place you will also get unparallel room services and parking facility. This awesome home is presenting tourists 3 spacious rooms with 3 huge sized separate beds in each room, which can entertain 10 guests without any discomfort.

4 BHK Bungalows in Mahabaleshwar 

It is one of the bungalows in Mahabaleshwar where you can rest with peace and go for self actualization as it is much peaceful and far away from crowded cities. The bungalow is much spacious as well as fully furnished so that it can provide ample space to you for luxury class living. The bungalow in the hill station is providing 2 spacious and fully furnished rooms with 4 double sized beds that can offer luxury class living to almost 8 guests.

Famous Farmhouse in Mahabaleshwar

If you are fade-up of cosmopolitan lifestyle and feeling really stressed. Further, you want to spend few hours in peace then the Famous Farmhouse in Mahabaleshwar will prove to be best accommodation for you. The homestay in Mahabaleshwar is located at the peaceful destination of the hill station where you will spend time away from noise and pollution. The homestay is offering 3 rooms, which is having 3 beds respectively and the beds can easily accommodate 11 guests.

Lovely 3 Bedroom Cottage in Mahabaleshwar

The homestay in Mahabaleshwar is luxury class cottage where you will always get homely feel. The cottage or we can say homestay is located at the awesome location of Mahabaleshwar from where tourists can reach different tourists’ destinations without any discomfort. The luxury class cottage in the hill station is having 3 well furnished rooms in which you can find 5 beds, which will be best suited to 10 guests.

For more information about The homely homestays and bungalows in Mahabaleshwar for your vacations.


Redefine Luxury Class and Homely Feel in Villas, Homestays, and Cottages in Wayanad

Wayanad is the sub-urban region of Kerala, which is till date least famous among the tourists. Although the region of the state is least famous still it has unique natural beauty. The region consists Kalpetta, Mananthavady, Sultan Bathery, Pulpally, Meppadi, and Vythiri, which is another hill station located in this beautiful region of Kerala. Since most of the population of the hill station depends of agriculture; therefore, here you can find several farm lands as well as tea plantations. Further, in Wayanad you can view forests and wildlife sanctuaries where you can see rarest breeds of plants, animals, and birds.

The sights of Wayanad that you must visit

Although in the virgin land of Wayanad you can view many wonders. Still there are some top rated destination that you must visit in the region are Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Hills, Meenmutty Falls, Pookode Lake, Meppadi Hills, Tholpetty Sanctuary, Edakkal Caves, Wayanad (Muthanga) wildlife sanctuary, Kuruva Islands, Pakshipathalam, Pazhassi Raja Museum, Nagarhole National Park, and several other places where you will feel like paradise.

Things you can do in Wayanad

In Wayanad adventure loving tourists can go for hiking. Further, you can spend pleasant and peaceful hours near rivers and lakes of the hill station. In addition, in Wayanad you can go for wildlife safari, enjoy beauty of amazing tea estates, and if you love villages the places will serve like Mecca for you.

The most peaceful and amazing accommodations available in Wayanad

Plantation 3 Bedroom Cottage in Wayanad

Among the several cottages in Wayanad it is one where can rediscover the peaceful moment of your life. The cottage is well furnished as well as neat and clean and in addition in the cottage you are getting kitchen where you can cook your own favourite dishes. Further, around the cottage you can find unique natural beauty that will win your heart. In the cottage tourists can get 3 rooms along with 3 beds, which best for 6 guests for comfortable living.

Pleasant Green Garden Cottage

It is one of the cottages in Wayanad located in Vayithiri region, which is a hill station as well as hottest destination for tourists coming to the region from various places across the world. Since, the cottage is located in the hill station; therefore, you can always find pleasing and cool atmosphere here. In the cottage tourists can enjoy delicious Asian cuisines including Indian. The cottage is providing space to 10 guests as it is having 3 large sized rooms and 4 huge beds.

Scenic View Homestay in Sulthan Bathery

As the name of the homestay in Wayanad suggests that it has scenic view; therefore, each moment that you spend in the homestay will in heart of nature. The surrounding of the homestay is covered with lush greenery and forest view, which will make you feel like living in paradise. Further, from the homestay you can easily commute to different important points of the hill station. The homestay is putting forward to you 5 rooms with 5 beds where 20 guests can stay economically.

Fully Furnished Homestay in Pazhoor

The homestay in Wayanad is full of exciting things, which tourists usually like to see in their accommodations where they stay. The homestay has awesome interior decor as well as each room of the homestay is fully furnished. If you are looking for ultra modern amenities in your home then the homestay will prove to be perfect choice for you. In addition, the surroundings of the home is beautiful and peaceful for tourists. In the accommodation tourists can get 2 rooms with 4 beds where 10 guests can spend holidays peacefully.

Wonderful 4 Bedroom Villa in Sulthan Bathery

It is one of the villas in Wayanad where you can feel the warmth of nature and it will prove to be best place for self actualisation. Most of the time people get tired of city life and want to stay in peace in order to get rid of stress and worries that often affect you in busy life. However, the villa will act just like medicine for you where you can relax. The luxury class villa is presenting spacious and well furnished 4 rooms along with 4 double beds in which 8 guests can stay comfortably.

3 Bedroom Villa in Wayanad

Among several villas in Wayanad this is the villa where you can redefine luxury class living. All the rooms of the villa are perfectly designed as well as well furnished to offer guests comfort. Further, the surrounding of the villa is mind blowing from where you can view hills, mountains, and forests for which generally people starve in cosmopolitan cities. In addition, in the villa you will get several world class amenities for elite class living. The villa is providing space to 10 guests in its well furnished 3 rooms having 3 beds.

Expose Goa by Residing in the Top Class and Luxurious Places in the State


Many people whole life wonder for finding place where they can feel like paradise on earth and spend few days with full recreation, peace, and adventure. However, out of several people the smart one choose to spend their holidays in Goa where an individual can full package of fun, peace, and adventure. Goa is the place in India where you can feel like Miami Beach or any other world’s happening destination. Although the southernmost state of India is chiefly known for its beaches where you can find huge rush of tourists coming from foreign lands as well as from different states of India for spending recreational holiday.

In Goa you can find many old buildings, forts, and monuments, which were built when Portuguese ruled the state. Further, in the state you can join parties where you can get delicious sea foods of the state and spend whole night with best wines served in Goa. In addition, along with water sports tourists can also enjoy in the forest reserves of the state.

The most important tourists’ destinations of Goa

In Goa you can go for sightseeing at Turtle Beach, Anjuna beach, Baga beach, Benaulim beach, Calangute beach, Candolim beach, Sinquerim beach, Colva beach, Mandrem beach, Morjim beach, Palolem beach, Patnem beach, Vagator beach, and several other beaches. In addition, in Goa you can go for wildlife safari in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Butterfly Conservatory of Goa, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and can also enjoy at Dudh Sagar Waterfall.

The most exciting things that you can do in Goa 

The most existing things that tourists can do in Goa is boating and surfing on the beaches. Watch peaceful sun rise and sunset on the beaches as well as join different parties. Further, if you are adventure loving you can go safari in wildlife sanctuaries of the Goa.

The most happening accommodations of Goa are 

Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment heart in Goa2.jpg

It is one of the apartments in Goa, which is located at the heart of Goa, which will facilitate you in reaching different tourists’ attraction of the state. From this apartment in Goa you can enjoy pool side from your balcony as well as you can view tempting scenery. The room of the apartment is well furnished and having all comforts. In this apartment you will get 3 separate flats with one double bed in each room where 6 guests can reside.

A Private Pool Apartment in the Heart of North Goa


Out of several apartments in Goa the preceding apartment is the one which you can find most attractive suiting to your cosmopolitan lifestyle. In this apartment you will get the private pool where you spend recreational or peaceful moment of your holiday. Further, since the apartment is North Goa; thus, you can reach to several famous beaches from this home easily without any kind of discomfort. In this paradise apartment you will get 1 room and 2 beds best suited to 4 guests.

A Stand Alone Pool Villa Close to the Beach


It is one of the villas in Goa where everyone will dream to stay if get one glance of this grand house. In the villa tourists can get swimming pool as well as it is closer to beach so from this home you can anytime route to beaches for peace or for joining parties. The whole villa is completely airy as well as open from every end; thus, you can always feel the refreshed air around yourself. In this paradise villa you are going to get 4 rooms and 4 beds, which is sufficient for accommodating 8 guests.

Beautiful Villa Overlooking a Beautiful Lawn


 Among several villas in Goa it is the one from where you can discover the nature in its virgin way. The villa is having beautiful lawn where you can arrange picnic or spend a peaceful moments of life with you and your beloved can spend awesome time. From this villa one can view the natural sites of the state with complete peace of mind. The villa in Goa will act like great stress buster for you and your beloved companions.

Fully Furnished Luxury Homestay in Goa


If you are luxury loving person and want to stay like king it the homestay in Goa where you will get lavish hospitality. The homestay is located at the lonely location where you can get peace of mind. Further, from the homestay you can get all kinds of the ultra modern amenities that will make your life just like living at your own home. The royal homestay is having great high class living ingredients as well as from here you can get transport system to different locations of Goa. The homestay is having 36 huge rooms and 36 beds that will fit for 72 guests.

Topmost Places to Stay In Kerala Which Makes Your Tour Matchless In Unknown and Uncommon Places

It is also said that if something like paradise on the earth so that is in the Kerala which has such surrealistic beauty that is the matchless and unavoidable comparison with the other most places in the country. Kerala is situated at the Southern peninsular part of India. The tour of Kerala is exploring natural part of the world which exceeds the farthest limits of earthly beauty. There are many destination places to stay in Kerala where you can make your perfect journey. Its matchless beauty makes it the paradise of the earth which is the very combination of nature, people, and tradition. A vast part of this place is lush greenery, sky-kissing mountains, youth waterfalls, sprawling palms, crisscrossing rivers, soft breeze, pristine lakes, breathtaking backwaters, serene beaches. The culture and tradition of the Kerala attract most of the tourist in the world which is the perfect destination point in all over the world. The elephant is one of the most enteral parts of the day which is very interesting culture and tradition. There is a festival which is called annual boat racing attracts many tourists in the world. There is also the most famous dance is called Kathakali is most famous in all over the country.  Temples of the Kerala are famous for their architectural beauty. Most of the temples are situated on the top of the hills and having the rock-cut architecture which attracts many tourists every year.

Places to stay in Kerala


  • 3 Bedroom Homestay – the most beautiful 3 bedroom homestay which provides you all basic facilities situated at Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala. They offer you special secured parking and best room services having free WIFI and TV which can never you feel bored here. They are proving you modern facilities accommodation services which makes your journey more prosperous. You can feel like own home these rooms are well decorated with human needy facilities. All rooms are fully covered with air conditioners which gives you best feel even in hot season.


  • Splendid 3 Bedroom Cottage – because of the chilly climate and misty atmosphere it is also known as Southern Kashmir which it situated at Kanthalloor village of Kerala. It is located in the Western Ghats of the India. If we track the location we find this place is 50 km far away from the well-known city Munnar.  This is famous in Kerala because the temperature never goes beyond 19ºC. Most beautiful variety of tropical crops coupled with the close proximity has made it the most attractive destination for tourist. it is surrounded by the natural beauty areas which present the excellent destination for the tourist visit. They offer you the best kinds of services even having in the rural areas too. There are many kinds of picturesque landscapes which makes it more beautiful.


  • Flawless 2 Bedroom Cottage   – one of the most beautiful flawless 2 bedroom cottage in Kerala has become the central attraction point for many tourists in all over the world. It is surrounded by the tropical hills in the Western Ghats of South India.  They provide you special kinds of best services which includes covered by green canopies of beautiful trees of all kinds which are available in the city, beyond the tree plantations on the mountainsides and it is lined by silver oaks. It is a kind of novel touch with the natural feel.  If you want to enjoy the natural earth touch no place is better than this.  You are also offered the pristine environment and homely, personalized service which provides you more comforts in the unknown land.


  • Alluring 3 Bedroom Cottage – it is situated at Munnar which offers you Mountain View Rooms. When you open the room outside you feel real natural wonder canvas of nature. All rooms are spacious and well furnished with modern kinds of a balcony which provides you full view on mountains and river. It is surrounded by the enchanting vast greenery of mountain slopes and covered by flourishing Tea Plantations. If you want to enjoy real rivers view it has special 3rd floor’s room where you are given all kinds of basic and needy facilities and provide you the best wide vista of the nearby river which is marked by evergreen beautiful tall trees. It will be the best kind of pleaser to listen to the giggling of the flowing of waters. It is a like dream destination for the tourist.


  • Pretty 2 Bedroom Homestay – pretty two bedroom homestay is good looking which is in the Coorg and having the great wonderland of mesmerizing visions. There are many tourists who come here every year and enjoys the beauty of art depicted in nature. They also provide you beat parking, laundry, packed lunch, ironing dressed and secured locker, neat & clean room services. You are given whole freedom to live like your own home.


  • Lush Green Beautiful Homestay – it is one of the most popular homestays which is at Wayanad having all modern rooms special kinds of a feature is known as one of the best pet-friendly accommodation in Kaniyambetta. It is just 5 km far away from Wayanad. There is a free WIFI and secured free parking is here. To enjoy they have admixed here on-site restaurant which offers you fingerpicking food. For your convenience, all rooms are fitted with sitting unit. You can have complete privacy which offers you to best services for your traveling.


Nominal Price Homestay In Munnar – a beautiful homestay which is painted and furnished in the traditional is situated at the foot of the mountains. It is surrounded with the view of luscious green forest which makes it the attractive place for many tourists. How beautiful calming sound it has of natural waterfalls and birds chirping. It is also known for the best sunshine by day and enjoy the beautiful sunset at night. You are offered quiet and peaceful vacation. This is especially suited for couple and family who wants to enjoy the natural beauty. Rooms are full of modern facilities.

Topmost Places to Visit in Chikmagalur, Where You Feel Like Local Residents of This Place

Chikmagalur situated in Karnataka which has been the destination point for many tourists over the past years. Tourists attract towards natural beauty of the forests and diversity of wildlife. There are many places to visit, homestays in Chikmagalur where you feel like you are the local residents of this place because of their services. Their services are friendly and they treat you as a family member. If you like adventures traveling, this will be the best option for you because it holds the top spots in the country. There are dozens of tourist who visit annually here and spend their most enjoyable moments. Water sports and rock climbing are famous things to do here. It is one of the beautiful pieces of land which is situated the Western Ghats and having almost all sorts of vegetation from lush green forest to barren land. There is a beautiful place Mullaina Giri which is the second highest peak in the southern India.  There are many impressive mountains offers the best form of adventure and known for its flora, fauna, and energy.

Homestay in ChikmagalurAmazing Homestay – a good looking amazing homestay situated at Chikmagalur in Karnataka. It enables you to experience serenity & tranquility Relax and morning mist. The natural views sunrise across the river is charming and breathe the fresh air which is the most enjoyable part of the safe and secure environment.  It is surrounded by the Chikkahalla River which is an outstanding beauty of nature. The areas of nearby are lush greenery makes tour more comfort. They offer you three rooms which are fully furnished and well decorated. With all double bedrooms, the separate bathrooms are attached where you can feel like home. This is the best moments of your life when you spend some moments while staying in Amazing Chikmagalur.Wonderful Coffee Homestay – the beautiful homestay which is situated in Karnataka have the wonderful experience with the serenity of the Western Ghats. Coffee plantation is the most enjoyable part of their local residents. They offer you cool summer, warm winter and well-needed monsoon. You are offered three well equipped double bedroom which is fully furnished and attached bathrooms. You can enjoy the complete privacy and homely atmosphere. The pleasing moments of your life which you have spent here will be unforgettable moments of your life. Their hospitality feels you like their local residents of that place. Lovely Hideaway – a well-looking homestay situated in Karnataka. With this world, this is very difficult to stay organic and protect from this hostile environment. It takes much efforts to be protected, brave souls who make a lot effort for their protection.  Especially this is for brave defense force as the mark of the respect they offer three rooms services. Rooms are well furnished. You will have the delightful experience and will feel like your home. All kinds of homely atmosphere you will be provided in this place.Outstanding Homestay – one of the most beautiful homestays which are situated at Chikmagalur in Karnataka. They offer you well finished and decorated six rooms services having the double bed in each room. Bathrooms are attached with room all experience is like real own home. You are provided secured parking facilities and neat, clean and hygienic rooms are famous here. It is known for its cleanliness. You will have the best moment of your life with the natural views. It attracts many tourists every year not only in the same country but in all over the world. Lovely Green Hills Homestay – it is the beautiful homestay which is known for its hill station beauty is situated in Karnataka. It is surrounded by thick greenery plantations and portrays amazing natural diversity. There is a most pleasing climate which attracts more and more people towards here. The mountain’s natural beauty is breathtaking which makes the special tour for every tourist. it has become the modern tourist destination point. They offer you five room service which is fully furnished. It is having a secured parking and clean and hygienic rooms are available here which makes your journey more comfortable. If you want to have the real experience of nature this is the great place for that.Super Looking Homestay – one of the most beautiful homestays which are famous for its beauty and modern facilities are situated in Karnataka.  What to speak about its naturals views it is full of the lush green area which indicates the best fresh air. There is a great spectacular blue mountain view which attracts many people in all over the world. The best thing is here it is free of pollution. You will get quiet and chill climate here which is good for human health. As homestay is surrounded by green coffee plantation which beautifies super looking homestay. They offer you best rooms services and secured parking with free wireless internet facilities.   

Plan Your Journey to the Memorable Mysore by Knowing These Useful Ideas

Commonly known as Mysore, has a history dating back to thousands of years.it is believed that goddess Chamundi killed the demon Mahisasur at this place, and thus it is named Mysore. It is one of the major cities of Karnataka and it is well connected with roads, railways and airways. The city is famous for its food, cloth, and temples.


The global attraction of Brindavan gardens is situated at the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. There is a musical fountain show at the evening. The garden has lots of variety of flowers and plants, trimmed in the shapes of birds, animals or things. There is a temple of goddess Chamundi on the hills. A statue of the demon Mahi Sa Sur is also in the hills, which is visible from anywhere in the city. Intricately carved with the ornamental designs out of wood, the palace is a huge abode of the Maharaja of Mysore and the royal family. On weekends and on festive days, the palace is decorated with lights in the evening.

Let us look at some of the things you should do if you want to make your visit to Mysore a memorable one.

If you enjoy trekking, you should climb the Chamundi hills on foot. The best time to visit Mysore is during the festival of Dussehra. The entire city is lit with colourful lights and there is a huge procession to the temple, where the elephant takes the howdah on the back and place it in the goddess temple. You can savour your tongue at the Deva raja market with the delicacies of the Mysore cuisines like Mysore Pak, Bisibele bhat, Masala poori and Ragi muddle.

You can reach Mysore by air ways, rail ways or roads. The nearest international airport is at Bengaluru or Cochin and from there you can take a road trip by bus or car to reach Mysore. Mysore railway station is well connected to all the stations by frequent trains.

All you need now is a great stay in Mysore for a perfect vacation and to make you choose the best of what you want, we are here to give you a glimpse of few homestay in Mysore and for those who wish to stay long and enjoy their vacation, there are even rooms in Mysore available for you.

Entire homestay.

The three bedroom service apartment with a kitchen offers spacious rooms with attached kitchen and a separate bathroom for all bed rooms. Located at the prime location in the centre of the city, the rooms are a great deal for those who wish to stay with families or individually.

La flora sharmada Good looking homestay.


This homestay offers to you the serenity and quietness of the natural environment. The spacious and private rooms with all amenities and luxuries are a treat to oneself. The homestay has a very exotic ambience with an opportunistic view of the mountains. You can sit here and enjoy the evening sunset or stroll in the nearby fields of paddy.

White House Homely Place.


It offers all amenities and even the facilities to rejuvenate yourself by authentic yoga and Ayurveda massage. Both one and two room kitchen apartments are ideal for both couples and families. The homestay gives its guests the feeling of a home away from the home. The serviced apartment cum home stay is strategically designed to provide luxuries to the visitors.


Superb Villa In Mysore.


This homestays are luxurious and spacious abodes to give you a private holiday experience. It serves the best as a purpose of your own holiday home. They spoil you with catering all your personalised and custom services as per your request. The main reason to stay in the homestay is the spice plantations around the homestay in the nearby village with a lot of lush green bushes and trees.


Mulberry bay service apartments.


These service apartments are situated near fort Cochin. With the facilities like spacious rooms, served local made lunch and breakfast on request to their guests, they are the best stay in Mysore. They are a great value for money as they offers luxuries of a hotel in the budget of a service apartment in Mysore. You cannot miss this place if you crave for luxury with affordability in this place.

Lawns way vertical garden homestay.


The speciality of this homestay is that in spite of being situated o=in the centre of the Mysore city, the place is all in greenery with a beautiful and big garden and children’s play area. The homestay hosts give the best of their hospitality to make yourself comfortable and fella t home. They also serve homemade packed lunch with a smile. The homestay has spacious rooms and is available to accommodate a large group of friends or families for their vacation.

Useful Information You Should Know To Explore the Mesmerising Munnar

The most popular hill stations in India, Munnar is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams  Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. It located at 1600 meters above the sea level, this was once the summer resort of then ruling British Government in South India.


The sprawling tea plantations, picturesque towns, winding lanes, trekking and holiday facilities make Munnar a unique experience. Munnar is quite essentially a tea town. The visitors are greeted with miles and miles of unending tea plantations on entry into Munnar. Among the exotic flora found in the forests and grasslands here is the Neelakurinji a flower which bathes the hills in blue colour once in twelve years. Munnar also has the highest peak in South India – Anamudi – which is an ideal spot for campers who like to do some trekking.

You can reach Munnar by airways, train and roadways. The nearest airport is the Kochi airport in Kerala and the nearest station is Kozhikode. You can book a ride or travel by frequent government buses to the mesmerising Munnar.

Munnar offers a great range of activities ranging from adventures, nature, relaxation and food. You can go strolling amidst the tea estates or meet the extinct Nilgiri Tahr at the Eravikulam national park. Go fishing or rejuvenate with an Ayurveda massage.

To find the best accommodation is a secret behind a great holiday and we are here to help you to find a great place for your Munnar stay. These are a range of Homestay in Munnar along with the bungalows and rooms in the mesmerising Munnar to make your journey a memorable one.

Appealing homestay

If you are in a quest for adventure and want to make your stay in a beautiful abode situated among the lush green bushes and trees. The view to the tall mountain standing just behind and giving you a peek a boo of the hiding sun in the clouds is what this homestay offers to you. The aesthetic beauty is gifted to this place by nature with bounty. The homestay is approved by the tourism board of Kerala and has facilities like served lunch and breakfast on request by guests.

Nominal Price Homestay In Munnar

The homestay provides rooms to their guests with a comfort matching any luxurious hotel without being heavy on your budget. The rooms are ideal for couples and honeymooners who wish to enjoy a great time with their partners. The homestay provides all amenities including lunch and breakfast with an excellent room service and ample area for parking.

Bewitching Homestay.

These cottage homestays in Munnar are situated at a prime and exotic location and face the beach. The cottage is famous for its exquisite and pristine service with spacious and private room, but the centre of attraction is the enhanced beauty at night, spending time with your loved ones under the star studded sky with the roar of the sea is what makes your vacation in Munnar an unforgettable experience.

Amazing river view bungalow homestay.

The splendid view of the mountains and rives from the balconies of the homestay is what makes these homestays stand out among its peers. With a large capacity to accommodate guests at a time, these bungalows in Munnar offer to their guests all amenities with a lunch and breakfast cooked in their local kitchen with authentic and traditional methods and locally grown ingredients. The rooms are an ideal stay for families with children or a group of friends.

Cloud land holidays bungalows.

These bungalows are situated at a great altitude and give you an amazing view of the valleys and the nearby hills of the Western Ghats. The greenery and serenity along with the easy access to the city centre is what is the speciality of this bungalow homestay in Munnar. The homestay is perfect for those who wish to be in the city centre but away from the noise and disturbance.

Admirable homestay.

Admirable homestay is a very beautiful homestay located in Kerala. It is small personalised homestay ideal for couples. The guests are very welcoming and provide you all the basic amenities and facilities with a smile. The service by them makes you feel at home and you would get along with their Malayalam culture in a short span of time. The hosts serve you their home made breakfast along with the lunch and dinner on request. The rooms are private and spacious with a private balcony which offers a view of the Western Ghats.

Palatial cottage.

The palatial cottage homestays in Munnar offers you a great trek along with your stay in the beautiful tea plantations and coffee gardens. Along with these, they also grow some exquisite spices and fruits used in cooking the traditional lunch and breakfast for you on request. You can take a stroll in the beautiful rolling hills near the cottage and enjoy the serenity.