Expose Goa by Residing in the Top Class and Luxurious Places in the State


Many people whole life wonder for finding place where they can feel like paradise on earth and spend few days with full recreation, peace, and adventure. However, out of several people the smart one choose to spend their holidays in Goa where an individual can full package of fun, peace, and adventure. Goa is the place in India where you can feel like Miami Beach or any other world’s happening destination. Although the southernmost state of India is chiefly known for its beaches where you can find huge rush of tourists coming from foreign lands as well as from different states of India for spending recreational holiday.

In Goa you can find many old buildings, forts, and monuments, which were built when Portuguese ruled the state. Further, in the state you can join parties where you can get delicious sea foods of the state and spend whole night with best wines served in Goa. In addition, along with water sports tourists can also enjoy in the forest reserves of the state.

The most important tourists’ destinations of Goa

In Goa you can go for sightseeing at Turtle Beach, Anjuna beach, Baga beach, Benaulim beach, Calangute beach, Candolim beach, Sinquerim beach, Colva beach, Mandrem beach, Morjim beach, Palolem beach, Patnem beach, Vagator beach, and several other beaches. In addition, in Goa you can go for wildlife safari in Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Butterfly Conservatory of Goa, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and can also enjoy at Dudh Sagar Waterfall.

The most exciting things that you can do in Goa 

The most existing things that tourists can do in Goa is boating and surfing on the beaches. Watch peaceful sun rise and sunset on the beaches as well as join different parties. Further, if you are adventure loving you can go safari in wildlife sanctuaries of the Goa.

The most happening accommodations of Goa are 

Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment heart in Goa2.jpg

It is one of the apartments in Goa, which is located at the heart of Goa, which will facilitate you in reaching different tourists’ attraction of the state. From this apartment in Goa you can enjoy pool side from your balcony as well as you can view tempting scenery. The room of the apartment is well furnished and having all comforts. In this apartment you will get 3 separate flats with one double bed in each room where 6 guests can reside.

A Private Pool Apartment in the Heart of North Goa


Out of several apartments in Goa the preceding apartment is the one which you can find most attractive suiting to your cosmopolitan lifestyle. In this apartment you will get the private pool where you spend recreational or peaceful moment of your holiday. Further, since the apartment is North Goa; thus, you can reach to several famous beaches from this home easily without any kind of discomfort. In this paradise apartment you will get 1 room and 2 beds best suited to 4 guests.

A Stand Alone Pool Villa Close to the Beach


It is one of the villas in Goa where everyone will dream to stay if get one glance of this grand house. In the villa tourists can get swimming pool as well as it is closer to beach so from this home you can anytime route to beaches for peace or for joining parties. The whole villa is completely airy as well as open from every end; thus, you can always feel the refreshed air around yourself. In this paradise villa you are going to get 4 rooms and 4 beds, which is sufficient for accommodating 8 guests.

Beautiful Villa Overlooking a Beautiful Lawn


 Among several villas in Goa it is the one from where you can discover the nature in its virgin way. The villa is having beautiful lawn where you can arrange picnic or spend a peaceful moments of life with you and your beloved can spend awesome time. From this villa one can view the natural sites of the state with complete peace of mind. The villa in Goa will act like great stress buster for you and your beloved companions.

Fully Furnished Luxury Homestay in Goa


If you are luxury loving person and want to stay like king it the homestay in Goa where you will get lavish hospitality. The homestay is located at the lonely location where you can get peace of mind. Further, from the homestay you can get all kinds of the ultra modern amenities that will make your life just like living at your own home. The royal homestay is having great high class living ingredients as well as from here you can get transport system to different locations of Goa. The homestay is having 36 huge rooms and 36 beds that will fit for 72 guests.


The Homestays And Cottages In Ooty Will Always Offer Tourists Pleasing Experience

If we rank the different hill stations in India then Ooty will definitely stand ahead of each one. Due to this reason at times many people refer Ooty as the Queen of the hill stations. Once, you will land on the soil of the hill station you will definitely find that you are in another world where everything is being arranged by God so that God can rest at this place. If you are really wondering for the paradise on this earth then its high time to book your ticket or arrange tour and travel for spending few days in Ooty. In the hill station everywhere you can find greenery, awesome view of amazing landscapes, waterfalls, forests, tall trees, mountains surrounded by clouds, and hills attracting you for trekking. At Ooty, you will never know how time has passed even if you have spent more than a month at this place.


Along with natural beauty and beautiful sight; there several other things that will attract you and your beloved companion having varied interests. In the hill station you reach to different places like Annamalai Temple, Boating at Pykara, Doddabetta Peak, Dolphin’s Nose, Echo Rock, Waterfalls at Pykara, Fern Hills Palace, Hidden Valley, Historical dam with power station at Pykara, Ooty Botanical Gardens, Ooty Rose gardens, Pine forest, Shooting Point, Sims Park, The Tea Factory, Wax World Museum, and several other places where you can get peace, knowledge, and can do different adventurous activities.

Whether, you are the solo tourist, honeymoon couple, traveling in a large group, arranging the family get-together, and whatever may be the reason you will always find the hill station perfect destination for spending holidays. Since Ooty lies in Nilgiri Mountain Range; therefore, it has the cool and adorable temperature in any season, which means you can arrange your trip to the hill station without waiting for any perfect time.

Perfect and top-rated places where you can stay in Ooty


It often happens when tourists planned their tour and travel without considering the major aspect where they will stay in such cases they mostly come across several hassles that may make your stay in Ooty unpleasing. Therefore, before arriving at this paradise you must take help of online guide specialized in arranging homestays and cottages for you in the hill station. Here some of top-rated homestays and cottages in Ooty where you can get most pleasing experience until the time you will be in the hill station.

Beautiful Cottage

 By the name itself, the cottage in Ooty is defining its quality of living that it can offer to any tourist. The cottage will be offering most pleasing, cool, calm, and natural surroundings. Further, Beautiful Cottage will perfectly suit to the group of 42 guests as it has 13 huge rooms as well as 21 luxurious beds.

Priya Heritage Cottage


Out of several cottages in Ooty, Priya Heritage Cottage is the place where tourists can get the perfect blend of luxury living. The cottage is there in Ooty since British time but now it has been renovated to offer the beautiful look. The cottage is having 5 rooms for staying and 5 beds, which will offer most pleasing experience to almost 11 guests.

Deccan Park Cottage


Deccan Park Cottage is one of the perfect cottages in Ooty from where tourists can easily commute to different tourists’ attractions of the hill station. From the cottage, you can reach Ooty Lake, bars, pubs, and other places for joining happening parties. In this comfortable cottage, you can get 59 rooms and 59 beds, which can easily accommodate a huge group of tourists’ maximum up to 118 guests.

Super Classy Holiday Home 5.jpg

Super Classy Holiday Home is the place in Ooty where one can spend most memorable time with their family as well as some very special in life. The home has beautiful interior and its surrounding will offer you view like heaven. The home is putting forward attractive 4 well-furnished rooms as well as 4 beds for a better stay. In addition in the home, 8 guests can stay without any hassle and can enjoy the beauty of the hill station.

Graceful Homestay 6.jpg

The homestay in Ooty is perfectly well maintained and while staying here you will feel like the elite class section of society. At Graceful Homestay you and your companions can get high-end hospitality as well as quick room service whenever you are in need. The huge homestay is providing grand 10 rooms and beds where almost 10 guests can spend the best time of their life.

Liesure Lynfield Homestay


The beautifully designed and well-maintained homestay in Ooty is the best place to stay in Ooty. Liesure Lynfield Homestay has 3 rooms with attached bathrooms and you will always find the whole homestay neat and clean. Further, the homestay is also providing 3 double beds, which will be spacious and comfortable for 6 guests.

Top 5 Paradises to Discover in Goa

Hearing the name of GOA what comes in your mind? Obviously, it will be like party, beaches, and much more is not it! The reasons which came in your mind is just limited as there are numerous other things which Goa has for you. This place is entirely filled up with the action which can surely sweep up your feet and leave you with pleasant memories for lifetime. Thus, if you are planning for an exotic or adventurous trip then Goa is just a perfect place to be visited. At this place whether you are with your group of friends, family, or spouse the place will never let you down. There is not any type of the shortage of the valid reasons for visiting this amazing destination as it has much more to offer rather than just the beaches. Simply Goa is a entire holiday destination for all kind of individuals as there are beaches, rivers, plains, hills, jungles, museums, history culture, weather, nightclubs, shopping and else all the things you may think of.

How to Reach Goa?


Goa is a great place which can be commuted with by means of rail, road, and air. You can reach Goa by flight, bus or train. But the primary reason why this place is much popular not just among Indian tourists but also among the foreign travelers due to its local transport.

What to Eat in GOA?


Goa is just an amazing destination not just visit the places but here you can try the numerous things to eat. There are various delicious dishes which you will find after visiting Goa. But if you are visiting this destination for the first time then, the most famous dishes which you need to try after visiting Goa is Pork Vindaloo, Praen Xacuti, and Bebinca. These dishes will surely be loved by you as they are really delicious in taste.

Top 5 Places to Stay in Goa:


If you are a individual voyager or a connect or enjoy with the collection of friends Homestay in Goa is the most feasible and cost-effective alternative when compare to that of hotels which do not give a modified touch to the visitor. If you plan a trip to Goa for sightseeing or for a business reason, the following are the cost-effective apartments in Goa:

Avenue Luxury Service Apartment:


This apartment in Goa is located at the heart of Orlim Goa. This apartment can serve 32 guests with 8 rooms and 16 beds. If you are having a big family then this apartment is well suited for you in Goa. The basic amenities which this apartment offers to their guests is WiFi, Parking Room service, ironing facility, and room service. Also the other service which it offers is packed lunch which is a paid service here.

Palolem Beach Apartment:


This apartment is located on the Palolem beach nearby the café Del Mar. This apartment can accommodate 24 guests in 12 rooms with 12 beds. This apartment is best for the joint family. This apartment has various amenities such as the WiFi and room service. You can have the car as well the evening meal as the paid service.

Atithi Seva 2 Bhk Vivenda:

6.jpgThis apartment us 1 km away from the St Alex Church and offers the friendly accommodation in the Calangute. The apartment is nearby the Goa International Airport. This accommodation serves 66 guests, with rooms and three best. This apartment is well suited for the group of the friends or the families. Some of the facilities this accommodation offers are AC, Washing Machine, Wheelchair accessible, parking, TV. Some paid facilities which you can avail from this accommodation are the car, bicycle, and motorbike.

Bhakti Kutir:


This is one of the best villas in Goa. This perfect homestay will sweep you away and as well its high-quality service is also just amazing. This homestay can serve up the 40 guests with 20 rooms and 20 beds availability. This homestay is just perfect for the individuals who are visiting Goa with their family members. The amenities which this homestay will offer you are WiFi, Parking, Breakfast, AC, and the room service. At this accommodation, you can get the packed lunch too which is paid service available.

Patenem Garden Cottages:


This accommodation is just 2 minutes away from the Patnem beach. This accommodation can serve 32 guests as it has 14 rooms and 16 bests. Here in this apartment, the guests can enjoy the site restaurant. All the rooms of this cottage are well connected with the personally attached bathroom. Also, this accommodation will offer you the on-site Yoga and in a certain room is linked up with the balcony which gives the great view of the Goa. The basic amenities which this accommodation can offer you is WiFi, AC, Parking and room service.


Other than those mentioned above, there are many cost-effective homestay accommodations available in Goa.  You can choose the most renowned Homestay accommodations.  In Goa, these are the perfect rooms to stay as they did not affect your budget and offer you various amenities which can make you feel like that you are in a home!