Plan your Honeymoon in Manali and Enjoy your Homestay in your Budget

About Manali:


Manali is the most amazing tourist place which has many attractive places to be visited.  If you have chosen Manali for your honeymoon then it is the best and an exotic place to be visited. Every individual wants to have a honeymoon on which they can have memorable experience after getting married. Manali is located in a Northern state of Himachal Pradesh and is an attracted place for honeymooners from all over India to spend some special moments and quality time. Some of the places here are always buzzing with the tourists which do not mean that you miss them. If you are visiting this place for your honeymoon than some of the places here must be on your itinerary.


Places to be visited:


There are many places which need to be explored while going to the Honeymoon:-

Hadimba Temple:

This is the most popular attraction and beautiful temple of this place which is dedicated to Hadimba- wife of Pandu and son Bhima. The striking thing about this temple is that it is located in the Dhungri Forest and surrounded by pine trees. The temple not only unique due to its architectural beauty but it is also famous for its religious value.


Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art:

This museum allows a walk through time. This place has a unique collection of the unknown antiques including religious relics, household objects, weapons instruments, and scale models.


Tibetan Monasteries:


This monastery draws the attention of various tourists and is among one of the most visited places. This place is famous due to the Tibetan art and craft items displayed. Individuals can do meditation and shopping for unique Tibetan art and craft object. This monastery welcomes guest at any hour of the day and main entry to shrine opens from 7 am to 7 pm.

Manu Temple:


This temple is basically 3 km away from the mall road of Manali and a famous destination frequently visited by the tourists. The premises of temple provides the peace and serenity to their devotees. Mostly the religious tourists and foreigners are seen at this place. As you are visiting on your honeymoon so just enjoy a trek to temple surrounded by the greenery and natural beauty. This temple is open 5 am – 9 pm throughout the year.

Club House:


This is one of the tourist place known for the adventure activities as well as indoor games. The place is beautifully constructed in British style and managed by  Himachal Pradesh Tourism  Development Corporation (HPTDC). The in-house restaurant of this club offers delicious cuisines and snacks. This club open throughout the year at 10 am – 8 pm. The famous adventurous activities here include table tennis, carom, skating, river-crossing, boating, and go-karting.

Jogini Falls:

This is a breath taking fall which is locates beyond the Vashisht hot spring towards Vashisht village which is just another attraction near Manali. Here you can listen to melodious songs of nature, see stunning views and some authentic delicacies. For the honeymooners this fall has everything.

Solang Valley:


This valley lies between the famous Beas Kund and Solang village. This place is about 14 km from the Manali and famous among the honeymooners. Most of the honeymooners visit the place during winter to enjoy skiing and other adventure sports.

Where to stay in Kullu Manali?


This is a famous tourist destination for the honeymoon so finding a homestay in Kullu would not be a difficult task for you. You can find the best accommodation for your honeymoon in your budget with utmost splendid views. These options give you an assurance of safety and all the advanced facilities and comfortable stay at best rates. To get the best experience, it is advised to book a place before reaching so you can have a much better and comfortable experience on your honeymoon.

How to reach here?


This city is well connected with other parts by road and air network.  The nearest airport from this place is Bhuntar which is located at 56 KM away from a city. But if you prefer bus travel then, it is well connected to the different tourist destination such as Leh, Shimla, Kullu, Dharamshala and New Delhi. Else you can also reach there by your own car.

Experience the fun:


Head to Himachal Pradesh on your honeymoon and witness lush valleys surrounded by snow-capped hills. Indulge yourself here in skiing, paragliding, and other adventure sports. Book your homestay here which includes all comfort. Here you can get delicious food at affordable price. You wouldn’t have any trouble finding a restaurant, nor will you have any other problem in the commuting for any place.  So, if want to have an exotic and memorable honeymoon, then it is advised that you choose homestay in Kullu and you can enjoy great fun for sure.


In The Land of Strawberries — Homestays, and Destinations

About and Around Mahabaleshwar

In the Indian state of Maharashtra is a small town — Mahabaleshwar. A town completely packed with tourist destinations and delicious strawberries. The history of this town dates back to 1215 when a King built small temple and water tank at banks of Krishna. In the 17th century, Pratapgad Fort was built by Shivaji Maharaja in 1656.


This hill station in India’s the Western Ghats has several elevated viewpoints, waterfalls, cliffs, lakes, and forts. Along with these are the delicious strawberry products. Beautiful accommodation options are available for booking. From booking rental hotels to Homestays, Mahabaleshwar has it all.

The not so chilly hot summers, lush green lands and breathe taking scenes during monsoon and cool climate of winter offer a delectable weekend vacation. Extraordinary views can be experienced at all location at Mahabaleshwar. For an exquisite start and end of your day, Sunsets and Sunrises, visit Wilson Point of Sunrise. Peep from the overhanging cliff of Elephant Point, visit glorious scenery at Needle Hole Point and enjoy the fascinating Tablelands of Panchgani. During Mahabaleshwar Homestays, get engrossed in Venna lake and treks at Pratapgad Fort.

For some historical myths and stories don’t miss the legends and tales about the Kurds of Rajpuri Caves and other such historical place is Morarji Castle. Don’t sit back behind the screen of your cell phones, walk along, as the beauty and wonders of the land of Strawberries unfold. Finding and booking accommodations on rental should be done as initial part of planning.

Destinations around Mahabaleshwar:

Elephant’s Head Point


A cliff shaped as Elephant’s head is main attraction which is seen from Needle point’s view. It is the place where you and your beloved ones can spend two to three hours in peace. In addition, you and your companion can click some great photographs and view scenery. Some monkeys can be spotted around this area. This hill top offers a magnificent view of hills around covered with a sheet of grass.

  1. Wilson Point of Sunrise


Leave little early from your Homestay in Mahabaleshwar to be enthralled by this captivating sunrise at Wilson Point. The magical panoramic view is something you don’t want to miss. This place has a wide open meadow and tower made of bricks to enjoy the sunrise from different viewpoints. The tranquility, calmness and the cool breeze will always leave you to wonder struck.

  1. Venna Lake


Venna Lake creates in the year 1882 by Maharaja Appasaheb. This lake is covered with trees and tourists can enjoy bike rides and horse rides in and around the lake. A number of eateries are present along the line of the lake.

  1. Pratapgad Fort Trek


This is the site of ‘Battle of Pratapgad’ that took place in 1659. The structure is embarked with several permanent building, Afzal Tower, and a temple of Goddess Bhavani at the eastern side of the temple. The temple has a sword of Maratha General with 6 diamonds. This location is visited as a one day trip from Mahabaleshwar.

  1. Panchgani


Panchgani has various visiting destinations. Sydney Point, Table Land, Devil’s Kitchen, Mala’s fruit Products, and Mapro Garden are the main attractions of Panchgani. Mala’s is one of the best jam producers in India and this factory is a must visit destination. It is also famous for the production of Strawberries which are cultivated around the year. Comfortable homestay accommodations are available in Panchgani. Book your room and enjoy a pleasant weekend here.

  1. Arthur’s Point


Also known as Arthur’s seat, this is one of the many viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar. This location also has seven more small points on its way and snacks are also available. Keeping binoculars will prove handy as Pratapgad’s fort can be seen from this point. One of the interesting activity up here is throwing cold drink iron caps in the air. If thrown in right direction horizontally, the cap flows in the upward direction. This happens due to the air pressure in the region.

Homestays in Land of Strawberries

Serene and Spacious Homestays options are available in Mahabaleshwar. It is wise to book accommodations before leaving for Mahabaleshwar. Even if this is either solo trip or you love unplanned adventures, having a place pre booked for rest is always a plus point. These options are quite cheaper and always better. People offering Homestays are more welcoming and ‘feels’ of home always stays even while traveling. Also, these special accommodation options are completely equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi.

How to Reach?

Mahabaleshwar is well connected via Air and Road Transport from both Pune and Mumbai. Though the nearest airport is at Pune, 120Km from Mahabaleshwar. Several Buses run between Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar and it roughly takes six hours. For self-driving, it is only 4 to 5-hour drive from Mumbai.

To not compromise with time some may prefer Air route to Mahabaleshwar but beauty is in the roads and the stories that unfold in the way quite a lot more than the destination.

For some people traveling come a long way with lots of planning’s and discussions and especially when it is a family trip. So to avoid last minute rush and disappointments, it is better to pre book your accommodations at Hotel or Rentals at favourite Homestay.

Staying at a Home away from home is an emerging concept with more people indulging towards Homestay options. They offer decent food and are in the budget all the time. Packed with modern amenities and decent rooms, these are more welcoming than hotels.

Where to Eat?

Natural Treasures of Mahabaleshwar are strawberries, mulberries, corn, carrots and cherry sized tomatoes. Various sweets like toffees, ice creams, fudge, jellies — all made of strawberries can be tasted at various hubs around the town.

Other ranges of Italian Cuisines, lip smacking vegetable delicacies, continental and Thai dishes, kebab, bakery products and various other options are available at a range of restaurants.

Experience — Culture, and Tradition

India is a land of various cultures and ethnicities. Wherever you go, give a part of you and learn little of wherever you wander. Traveling involves not just the destinations and the journey but learning about new lives and local living. Look around, smile at them, say a word of happiness and gratitude and come back with lots of memories. Rental Homestays is serene places to stay, so book yours for next vacation.

Incredible Fun by Taking Accommodation in Homestay at Ooty


Ooty is one of the most incredible hill stations of South India which entices tourists across the globe. This area is surrounded by the fascinating Nilgiris hills which are situated at 2286 m altitude. This is just a perfect place to experience the nature. Apart from this, there are the various tourist attractions, surroundings such as beautiful mountains, lakes, lush green forests and refreshing tea gardens which definitely refresh the visitors especially those who come from the area which is noisy and polluted. This is one of the most popular hill stations in India which offers the wide range of the accommodation as their home stays in Ooty and Tamilnadu.

If you are going to visit Ooty for the first time then it is necessary to make the list of the popular places. Moreover, this place has ample no off popular sights to visit which need not be missed.

Some popular sights are:

Ooty Lake:


This lake is built up by Mr. John Sullivan in 1824 and has become a popular picnic spot loved by the individuals of all ages. On this lake boating facility is also available which is been enjoyed by visitors due to the lush green environment. However, in order make your stay pleasing and comfortable you always need a perfect guide who can offer you best place to stay at the most deserving hill station of India where now thousands tourist from overseas also coming every year to view the beauty of nature and to get peace of mind.


Botanical Garden:


This garden was built up in 1847 and is another popular tourist spot which covers 22 hectares. This garden has plenty amount of trees, ferns, flowering, bushes, and orchids. Also in this garden, there is an old fossilized tree which draws the attention of tourists. Thus, you will find it very adventurous to stay in place, which can be also referred as jungle but you have to hire the best agency to get the place for staying with all the comforts that you are availing every day.

Government museum:


This museum displays tribal artefacts and the variety of other arts and crafts of the Tamilnadu. If you are a lover of art than do not miss to visit this incredible place.

St. Stephen’s Church:

This was built in 1829 and is one of the oldest churches of Nilgiris. Some other attraction of this place is Ketty Valley view and Nilgiris toy train.

How to reach here?

As Ooty is one of the most famous destinations among the national and international tourists destination. This place is connected well via air, rail, and road. Coimbatore is the nearest airport from this place.

 Well, this place has the wide range of the accommodation available but it is recommended to book hotels before reaching the place. The homestays hotels nowadays are becoming popular and emerging as demanded option in Ooty. These hotels offer all facilities such as the luxurious hotels and resorts and home like environment at the reasonable rate.

When it comes to traveling outside the home, we just need to make an organized plan. If we are about to travel solo, we really not much care about the accommodation much but if we are traveling with the entire family. But traveling with family gives you insecurity to make them safe and secure. Staying in the homestay is totally fun and offers advantages such as spacious room, lawn, terrace, new culture and tradition

The homestays give you stress-free serenity and calmness with unbeatable experience which should not lose. Traveling throughout the world gives freshness and enjoyment.

If you chose to live in the homestay it means living in a family with just another schedule. Choosing the accommodation is full of excitement as well as new things.

Benefits of choosing homestays;

Saves penny on each budget: 

Staying in the homestay is better than staying in the hotel as it will help you to save a lot of money as compared to other places.  The stays will offer you all the facilities of home and will not leave you with just one room just as the hotel.

Experience life with the locals

Staying in the place will with the locals be much adventurous and pleasing as mostly the people in the hill station are very friendly and kind hearted, which is rare in cities. Apart from the pleasing and comfortable stay, you will come to know the trends and lifestyle of people there.

Get surprised with the new culture and tradition

Each and every city has its norms and traditional values which you cannot experience without feeling it practically.  There is much in our lives to be explored in our life with various cultures be it dress code, spiritual values and   way of living. By just hiring perfect place to stay at the hill station you will get all the comforts that you get in any cosmopolitan cities and at the same time, you can enjoy the unusual beauty of nature, which is much rare to find in the contemporary world.

Meet with the new people and friendship with them

Homestays will give the opportunity to meet people speaking different languages, following various rituals, wearing specific outfits, and other things that you and your beloved ones will like to discover, which yet strange for you and your beloved ones in India. Further, you can also taste different local cuisines and feel living in heaven on the earth the hill station as you will be away from any crowded and polluted places.

Perfect place for self-actualization

At times when we achieve everything in life or we feel that why we are so worried about money making and other things although we possess everything needed for living the comfortable life. At the hill station by staying at perfect the perfect accommodation you can go for self-actualization where you will come know what exactly you are expecting out of your life. For this purpose, calm and peaceful hill station will act as the catalyst when thinking for hours and decide what you want to do further in your life to get peace and to stay away from hurries and worries.

4 Best Places To Visit And Stay In Homestay This Summer

Planning to visit some top most beautiful places in India? Yes you are reading the right blog. I will suggest you some of the flawless and wonderful places to visit in India. You can plan a weekend with your family, a love one or with your peer group. Travelling is fun more with the friends. While visiting the places, you can book homestay for the complete stay, just like your own home. From breakfast to dinner, every meal gives the taste of homemade food. Expenditure costing will be very reasonable if compared with any other rest places.

Life is like an ice cream, have it before it melts. Book the homestay, which will make your visit worth. For making your journey memorable for the entire life, choose five best places and plan accordingly. In this hot summer, we all want to visit the places having snow and cool weather. Read out some of the best places to visit this season.

Shimla 1.jpg

How can the popular Shimla be left unvisited! Shimla, capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is a place where, everybody wants to visit. Let me share my experience, when I visited the valley. I wanted to visit Shimla so badly until I did one day. I took a Himachal Pradesh state transport bus, the only bus, which starts at 10:30PM and took distance from Manali and traveled overnight. I had a reservation near the window seat but unfortunately the window shutter glass had some problem, due to, which the window was not getting open properly. Yet the beauty of the city did not stood behind from my eyes. From the new bus stand I took a local bus to reach somewhere near the Mall Road for some winter shopping, paying Rs.5 whereas the taxi covers the same distance for Rs.250. Near the road there were many beautiful homestays in shimla and I choose one for the stay after the hectic shopping day.



Indore is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is known for its textile industry. For me, it was simply the station nearest to Omkareshwar, from where I could board my train to Bombay. Considering its importance as an industrial city, I expected to find accommodation easily, and it was a great surprise to me that Madhya Pradesh tourism had the homestays in Indore that provides all the facilities.

I had a list of places where I visited at Indore. There were beautiful temples and palaces that were so amazing that I am not getting over it. I pondered about hiring a car or doing the rounds in an auto, but finally, it was the host of the homestay who offered me the best suggestion. The host of my homestay was so kind and humble that he went with me to some of the famous tourist attractions of Indore.



However, this time, I also had a visit to Nainital, which will always be memorable for my entire life. I think the best part of my trip was the time I spent early in the morning sipping tea in the exquisite homestay, I booked before 3 days. The host and the family provided me the every basic amenity. It was a big homestay with 4 bedrooms, dining room, drawing room, lawn full of flowers, terrace.  There was also a balcony in my room, where I used to sip m coffee and have the pleasure of nature as the scenic beauty from the balcony was awesome. The weather was just remarkable. Every evening the breeze blows gently making the leaves of the gigantic trees in front of me shiver gently. There was no noise absolutely that made the stay full of peace and calm.



The whole visit, my focus was on natural beauty, peace and a place which is not very commercial. Therefore, I chalked Sikkim. Due to the summer and peak season of tourist, I was getting expensive accommodation. So I decided to explore myself in Homestay. I booked the Homestay in sikkim and it offered with unexpected beautiful things in many ways. On my whole journey, if I rate something from the journey, I would give 10 on 10 to the homestay in, which I stayed for 3 nights. It never make me feel realize that I am out of my home any residing somewhere else. They took take of me in a very good manner. I was feeling fully secure in the homestay with family.All the other homestays were already booked, so I was lucky to book the homestay soon.


An Accommodation Full of Comfort in Shimla

When it comes for travelling outside the home, all we need is a plan, which should be made in an organized way. If we are travelling solo, we don’t care for the accommodation much but if we are travelling with the entire family, it is obviously the worry of accommodation. We all want our families to be safe and secure, they won’t face any kind of distraction during the journey or stay. It should get all the amenities, just like home. The security is the main concern, which you will find none other than Homestay. Staying in Homestay in Himachal is totally about fun. Between the lush green Himalayas and soothing waves all around is the best thing one can have while travelling or staying. The beautiful and well-furnished homestay offers many advantages like spacious rooms, lawn, terrace, tasteful cuisine, new culture and tradition, experience of new place in a budget price.

Exquisite View of Sunset in Shimla


No need to worry about security, because Homestay is a home where already a family is living and ready to welcome you with their special hospitality. Have a pleasure of making new bonds, sharing the common interest and exchange of mutual understanding.

In Shimla, you will surely be having many places to entertain you. The weather, I tell you is appealing to visit it again and again. The mall road visit will the entire family at evening with some delicious snacks at the market like, corn, aalo ticky, golgappa, gulab jamun will eventually add value in your visit.

Spacious Bedrooms, all set with comfort


The interesting thing about this Homestay in Shimla is, at the evening you can have pleasure to watch the colors changing in the sky from golden yellow to sunset orange to deep purple and let Himalayas quietly embrace the moonlit night. Witness the most romantic union between the Himalayas and be the moon gazer, which will be the excited and different thing out of the stay.

When I visited with my family my parents were so enchanted by the place that they wanted it to be admired by everyone, they wanted to turn the fantasies of people who love nature into reality. The best way to fulfill this desire was to build a place where people can come and find solace with nature, where their tired bodies and exhausted minds can relax, where they can breathe peacefully. This Homestay offers all the facilities, you want for the stay.


The house came into being with the hard work and determination of three years, built in Fatechi 8 km from Shimla standing at the top of a mountain. Specialty of the Villa is that all the rooms have a ‘bay window’ overlooking the Himalayas. It symbolizes nature at its best.

Looking forward for the next stay, I suggest all of you out there to have a wonderful stay in this Homestay. The host and the family are so loving that we didn’t even thought once that they were strangers to me.


Bird Lovers Can Stay Here In Kutch


The India’s largest and distinctive district, which consists of a good number of population. A remarkable region in the north western part of this vibrant state, Kutch packs in a culture, topography and a way of life that is one of a kind. Every place has its own culture and tradition, likewise Kutch also consists of many forms of dance, tradition and craft. Bhuj, the Kutchi capital of yore, gets the maximum attention for its various unique artistic things from the world. Along the tropic of Cancer to the Rajasthan and edge of Pakistan Kutch covers 45000 sq km.

If you haven’t seen Kutch, You have not seen anything. Kutch is a must visit place in a lifetime. The different people with different lifestyle will eventually attract you in no time. There is so much more to see in the place. For the accommodation, don’t go for the expense. Be reasonable and choose the affordable Homestay anywhere you have a plan to stay in Kutch.

Homestay for Birder


This Homestay for birders was started by Jugal Tiwariin June 2005. He is an ecologist. This house is based in Moti Virani village of Nakhtrana Taluka, Kutch district, Gujarat, India. The purpose is to promote responsible bird-focused nature tourism in Kutch. They have 8 AC rooms for people who want to explore Kutch. We have 24 hours Wi-Fi High Speed Internet in CEDO premises. This homestay also have two additional rooms for Naturalist and Drivers.

Ornithology of Kutch is important due to its Geographical Location. The district of Kutch falls on the migration route of birds. The vast stretches of Rann, flooded portions and Bet area (20,600 sq. kms), Banni Grasslands (3847 sq. kms), Coast Line (352 kms) long, tropical thorn forest, Coastal Sand Dunes, all diverse habitat serve as staging, feeding, roosting grounds of these birds. The resident birdlife of Kutch shows strong similarities with the birds of Sindh, Kathiawar and Western Rajasthan. The Great Rann seems to function as an efficient barrier to local migration.

 Natural Hall of The homestay


 Homestay Entrance

The field and safari car of this Homestay


 The lobby outside the rooms


 They provide complementary stay to Drivers and Naturalist accompanying the guests.


Native Flora Nursery

 Home cooked vegetarian food is provided to guest.

Solar power and rainwater is used here. No pesticide no chemical fertilizers for this house. Simple accommodation with clean and hygienic environment. Compost of fallen leaves is prepared here. It is a place for Birders and families with growing kids. We feel proud to say that this home stay has served people from 37 countries. Schools and college study groups are encouraged at this homestay. They have their private Fossils and Rocks collection for Nature education purpose.

Homestay in The Hills of Dehradun

Wonderful and dynamic. Dehradun the heart of Uttarakhandis one of the most visited tourist attraction in India. It is located on the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. Dehradun is a remarkable yet calm and serene place. It is said to be one of the oldest ancient cities in India. The beauty of Dehradhun is revised topic everywhere. Especially in summer people love to have the pleasure of the weather of Dehradhun. It is obvious that this mountainous place must be having breath taking many tourist attractions.



Staying in the homestay between the mountains is all we will cherish all our life. There are many homestays that provides with the best hospitality and accommodation. The visit of homestay will add value to the journey of the city. These tourist places include Sahastradhara, Malsi Deer Park, Robber’s Cave (Guchhupani), Lachhiwala, Tapkeshawar Temple, Laxman Siddh Mandir, Tibetan Mindroling Monastery, Sai Darbar and Santala Devi Temple. Though this list may not be exhaustive, it will eventually help you to short list the important and must visit places in the exquisite Doon valley. There are a lot of comfortable and reasonable homestays providing excellent facilities for the tourists. Continue reading to know one of the best homestay of the valley in detail.

Homestay in the hills

This astonishing homestay is behind the flowing river. It is a place for you to relax, unwind, and take a break from the stress of everyday life.Ideal for nature lovers and honeymooners. Spanning over two acres, the entire area is full of greenery and free of all pollution. It is nestled in Dehradun, Known for its temples, educational centers, culture and scenic views. Dehradun is a crowd puller.

The host choose to build a homestay in Dehradun because it has brilliant Ecosystem and excellent quality of air. The host and the family are putting their efforts for years to give it an ideal design in landscaping. It is comprehensive in nature. It’s aesthetic value is our main motive. The concept behind this homestay for people from all over the world. The site is surrounded by forest, close to Malsi deer forest. It is filled with water bodies and fountains too.

Beautiful view around the homestay


To ease the stress of travel, they offer conveniences like front desk, laundry, room service and many more. In any medical emergency one can avail doctor on call facility. The restaurant of the homestay has a perfect setting where guests can enjoy scrumptious dishes.

The rooms at the hotel constitute basic amenities like comfortable beds, clean linens, telephone, LCD in rooms with Cable TV connection and many more. They are spacious and beautifully decorated which ensure guests a comfortable stay. All guestrooms come with attached bathroom having essential toiletries.

One of the Beautiful Room of Homestay


All modern facilities are incorporated in this well planned homestay. Each individual guest is well taken care of and pampered. Spacious bedrooms have elegant and decent decor. This homestay will surely leave you with fond memories and desire to take a visit again. The house is equipped with all basic amenities, in addition to a basketball hoop, badminton and volleyball courts. Elevated Coffee Shop is there for you to have a tasteful coffee with a view to the beautiful forest. Sip your cup of coffee enjoying the nature and the greenery all around.