Explore Coorg And Its Beauty Like A Locale With These Tips

Coorg, also known as Kodagu is a natural marvel. It is famous for its flawless scenic beauty. If you are a nature lover, and want to admire the miraculous aesthetics created by nature, then Coorg is the ideal place for you.

Coorg offers the spectacular views of the lush green mountains spread themselves under the serene mist of clouds, and cast their spell by giving a peek-a-boo of the sun shine. It has the meadows and the carelessly flowing white waters giving us a spectacular view of the nature’s majesty.

Don’t forget to take your binoculars and cameras to watch out for the chirping birds and other natural habitat. Pushpagiri and Nagrahole wildlife sanctuary, a part of the country’s first bio- reserves offers forest tours and trekking. One can also watch bison, spotted deer, elephant, peacock, jungle fowl, tiger, etc.

A home to the finest of temples, forts and palaces which stand out as marvellous pieces of architecture, depicting the age old culture of Coorg. The beauty of Abbey falls, raja’s seat, madikeri fort and aroma of coffee plantations will give you a memory for lifetime. Enjoy the quality time with your friends and family in the mesmerising abode of nature and appreciate the natural beauty of the Western Ghats.

Things to do if you are visiting Coorg to make your journey special.

River rafting, trekking, and campfires are a great activity to satisfy your thrill for adventure. Coorg is famous for its honey, cardamom, spices, and coffee. A wide range of variety in authentic Karnataka food is also served there. Dishes such as Kudubu, chutney and Kadli Saar is the native dish of corgi cuisine.

You can also experience the Ayurveda massage to rejuvenate yourself from the stress and tiredness. Also, for drinks, toddy and local Coorg wine are the best options to try out.

How to reach Coorg?

The nearest railway station is Mysore, and then a cab drive for about an hour can take you to Coorg. It is well connected by roads to Bengaluru and Mysore.  The nearest international airport is Bengaluru.

Where to stay?

Finding an accommodation in an unknown city can be exorbitantly expensive if not chosen wisely. An affordable yet luxurious homestay in Coorg is what we all need for a great travel. It is always a determining task to find best homestay in a Coorg and experience the place like a locale.

Coorg height Madikeri.

It is a few minutes away from Madikeri fort. It offers a great view to the tourists of the scenic coffee plantations. You can feel the aroma of coffee all around the homestay, where nature awaits for you to experience its beauty. It is ideal for couples who want a cosy and comfortable stay to enjoy their holiday. With amenities like wireless internet, parking space and ironing services, it serves purpose for an ideal homestay.it also offers homemade packed lunch while you roam around Coorg.

Forest flower homestay.

This place is ideal for families. The homestay offers spectacular view of the nearby forest, thus giving their guests a feel of living on a mountain hill station. The good looking quiet abode also gives the view of a century old coffee plantation, offering the local Coorg coffee. If you wish to stay with your loved ones, without the disturbance of hustle and bustle of city, then this homestay if for you.

Little jungle homestay.

If you want to experience something unique, little jungle homestay is a must stay in Coorg. The estate cum homestay its own spice plantations apart from coffee. Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and other varieties. It gives you a blend of traditional yet an elegant architecture in its rooms, where you can escape from stress and enjoy time with family. The homestay allows families and couples, but not bachelors. You can also trek in the plantations and even play golf.

Bopaiah’s inn homestay.

If you are a solo traveller or a group of friends, planning your voyage to have fun and experience the place like a local, then this homestay is the ideal place for you. This inn cum homestay is a must stay for those who wish to experience the local Coorg cuisines in the heart of the city. The homestay is easily accessible as it lies in the city centre. You can also go shopping to the nearby markets to purchase local spices, handicrafts and coffee.

Dreamland service apartment’s homestay.

These apartments offer three queen sized bed rooms with a kitchen. You can showcase your cooking skills by accessing their kitchen. The view from the balcony is spectacular, as the evenings are mesmerising with the stupendous sunset blended with the aroma of the nearby coffee estates. This place is a perfect stay for families with children and elders, as they can experience a homely environment with the hosts.