Make Your Visit to the Mesmerising Munnar by Following These Tips

If you are searching for a place where you can enjoy nature, privacy and comfort all at once, then Munnar is you destination. Munnar offers to you the best moments of lifetime with your loved ones. For all sorts of tourists, the place offers to you solitude and serenity amalgamated with the fun and thrill to enjoy the beautiful place and feel its essence.

Munnar is a place with nature when it comes to its importance. The attributes likes the dense evergreen forest and the special flower of Neelakurinji, matching the hills with the colour of skies makes it blossom in the lap of nature. The boundless beauty given by nature to Munnar in the form of blessing is a cast spell in itself. The beauty of Munnar would bound you to never forget the charm of the place. Munnar offers to you a great range of adventure activities to give you thrill and fun.

You can participate with your family even activities involving children are very engaging. You can go hiking on the Anamudi hills, or can go on the stroll in the paddy fields, tea plantations or the coffee estates nearby. You can even go for treasure hunt in the forest at the Eravikulam national park.

Finding a good accommodation in an unknown place can be tedious and tiring. Here are a list of the best selected homestays in Munnar. Along with this, there are rooms in Munnar and for those, who wish to have luxury while on Munnar stay, we present you the Munnar cottages. Staying here will make sure that you have an amazing experience while your voyage in Munnar.

Rainforest beautiful homestay

This homestay is situated near the thick forest of Munnar. The homestay is all away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They will surely give you a vacation of a lifetime. You can stay here with you friends or family and enjoy quality time with them. The place is a beautiful bungalow with a all the luxuries and facilities included in the rooms. It also has services like served lunch and breakfast.

Beautiful cottage

This cottage has three rooms with all the facilities and amenities included. The cottage is situated ad mist the luscious green forest and the bask of the waterfalls. This place is ideal for honeymooners and couples as the view here is very romantic. The cottage has all facilities to make your stay comfortable. It is a great place to stay in if you wish .to spend some quality time with your partner in this homestay in Munnar.

Splendid homestay – green view holiday inn.

This homestay is famous among the tourists. The homestay gives to you all the comfort and luxuries with catering your thrill for adventure. It has programs for activities like trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. The homestay is a must stay for it is a budget one and you will get a great value for your money. Come here and have fun in these beautiful rooms in Munnar.

Avondale homestay

This scenic beauty homestay in Munnar is an epitome of luxury. They spoil you with their great service and luxurious amenities. Your stay in this place will be more than comfortable. This place is ideal for all sorts of people as there various types of rooms. Each room is spacious and private and has all the facilities including a beautiful view to the sunrise and the sunset. This place is a must stay for holidayers who wish to stay in a homestay in Munnar.

Royal mist Munnar

This homestay is a very convenient to stay in as it is opportunistically located near the major tourist attractions in Munnar. It is in the city centre and the homestay rooms in Munnar are the best deals you will get here. A lot of tourists stay here and enjoy the serenity and splendour of the beautiful hill station of Munnar.

Mountain View homestay.

This homestay defines class and luxury. The beautiful abode with a large garden gives you a world class facility and make your visit to Munnar comfortable. The place is surrounded by beautiful views and you can experience a beautiful sunset from your rooms. The homestay is opportunistically located in the heart of Munnar and is easily accessible. It is a six bedroom bungalow and can accommodate two people in a room, it also serves to you delicious food.

River view homestay.

The homestay is a well maintained building having rooms large enough to give you ample private space. The hosts are very friendly and the rooms are well decorated with all the amenities included. The homestay provides you a homely environment. The view of the tea plantations and mountains here is spectacular. The location of this homestay makes it very special as it is with the nature. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset here.


Useful Information You Should Know To Explore the Mesmerising Munnar

The most popular hill stations in India, Munnar is situated at the confluence of three mountain streams  Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. It located at 1600 meters above the sea level, this was once the summer resort of then ruling British Government in South India.


The sprawling tea plantations, picturesque towns, winding lanes, trekking and holiday facilities make Munnar a unique experience. Munnar is quite essentially a tea town. The visitors are greeted with miles and miles of unending tea plantations on entry into Munnar. Among the exotic flora found in the forests and grasslands here is the Neelakurinji a flower which bathes the hills in blue colour once in twelve years. Munnar also has the highest peak in South India – Anamudi – which is an ideal spot for campers who like to do some trekking.

You can reach Munnar by airways, train and roadways. The nearest airport is the Kochi airport in Kerala and the nearest station is Kozhikode. You can book a ride or travel by frequent government buses to the mesmerising Munnar.

Munnar offers a great range of activities ranging from adventures, nature, relaxation and food. You can go strolling amidst the tea estates or meet the extinct Nilgiri Tahr at the Eravikulam national park. Go fishing or rejuvenate with an Ayurveda massage.

To find the best accommodation is a secret behind a great holiday and we are here to help you to find a great place for your Munnar stay. These are a range of Homestay in Munnar along with the bungalows and rooms in the mesmerising Munnar to make your journey a memorable one.

Appealing homestay

If you are in a quest for adventure and want to make your stay in a beautiful abode situated among the lush green bushes and trees. The view to the tall mountain standing just behind and giving you a peek a boo of the hiding sun in the clouds is what this homestay offers to you. The aesthetic beauty is gifted to this place by nature with bounty. The homestay is approved by the tourism board of Kerala and has facilities like served lunch and breakfast on request by guests.

Nominal Price Homestay In Munnar

The homestay provides rooms to their guests with a comfort matching any luxurious hotel without being heavy on your budget. The rooms are ideal for couples and honeymooners who wish to enjoy a great time with their partners. The homestay provides all amenities including lunch and breakfast with an excellent room service and ample area for parking.

Bewitching Homestay.

These cottage homestays in Munnar are situated at a prime and exotic location and face the beach. The cottage is famous for its exquisite and pristine service with spacious and private room, but the centre of attraction is the enhanced beauty at night, spending time with your loved ones under the star studded sky with the roar of the sea is what makes your vacation in Munnar an unforgettable experience.

Amazing river view bungalow homestay.

The splendid view of the mountains and rives from the balconies of the homestay is what makes these homestays stand out among its peers. With a large capacity to accommodate guests at a time, these bungalows in Munnar offer to their guests all amenities with a lunch and breakfast cooked in their local kitchen with authentic and traditional methods and locally grown ingredients. The rooms are an ideal stay for families with children or a group of friends.

Cloud land holidays bungalows.

These bungalows are situated at a great altitude and give you an amazing view of the valleys and the nearby hills of the Western Ghats. The greenery and serenity along with the easy access to the city centre is what is the speciality of this bungalow homestay in Munnar. The homestay is perfect for those who wish to be in the city centre but away from the noise and disturbance.

Admirable homestay.

Admirable homestay is a very beautiful homestay located in Kerala. It is small personalised homestay ideal for couples. The guests are very welcoming and provide you all the basic amenities and facilities with a smile. The service by them makes you feel at home and you would get along with their Malayalam culture in a short span of time. The hosts serve you their home made breakfast along with the lunch and dinner on request. The rooms are private and spacious with a private balcony which offers a view of the Western Ghats.

Palatial cottage.

The palatial cottage homestays in Munnar offers you a great trek along with your stay in the beautiful tea plantations and coffee gardens. Along with these, they also grow some exquisite spices and fruits used in cooking the traditional lunch and breakfast for you on request. You can take a stroll in the beautiful rolling hills near the cottage and enjoy the serenity.