The Most Elite Class Homestays and Cottages in Ooty


In India it will really unjustify if we will be talking about hill stations and forget to mention about Ooty. The hill station has got it name and fame not only among Indian tourists but also among the tourists of overseas especially from western countries. The hill station is like heaven of southern region of India as here temperature always remain low, cool, and beat for spending awesome vacation during winters. The hill station lies in the state Tamil Nadu State of India, which most populous as well as flourishing state of India. However, the economy of Ooty chiefly depends on tourism industry as in any season of the year one can find huge footfall of tourists in this hill station.

The hill station is a kind of mysterious land where you can get several things to discover, which will always thrill you or in short we can say will surprise you. Although there are several places in the hill station where you can discover new things but some of the major destinations are Annamalai Temple, Boating at Pykara, Doddabetta Peak, Dolphin’s Nose, Echo Rock, Falls at Pykara, Fern Hills Palace, Hidden Valley, Historical dam with power station at Pykara, Ooty Botanical Gardens, Ooty Rose gardens, Pine forest, Sims Park, and Wax World.

The most perfect destination where elite class tourists can stay in Ooty


2 Bedroom Homestay in Ooty


The homestay in Ooty is very close to the Botanical Gardens of the hill station. The place is awesome for peace loving people especially old age, honeymoon couples, and other people who are stressed because of city life. The homestay is away from few hours from the main city still the home is well connected with main city with different modes of transports. In the homestay you will get free Wi-Fi as well as flat TV screen for recreation and stay connected with others. The homestay has 2 bedrooms and 2 beds where 6 guests can reside without any hassle.

Tidy 5 Bedroom Holiday Home in Ooty


As the name of the homestay in Ooty suggests it is completely clean, hygienic, and tidy where elite class people can feel just like their own homes. The homestay is especially reserved for tourists coming from overseas. In this homestay has best security backup as well as tourists can get awesome hospitality at the homestay. The homestay is best suited for 15 guests as it is having 5 luxury class bedrooms where you will get 5 double beds, which are enough for 15 guests.

Good Looking Cottage in Ooty 4.jpg

The name of the cottage in Ooty completely justifies its name as the cottages best looking cottages in Ooty. If you really want to spend best and auspicious moments of your life in the hill station the cottage will cater you perfect accommodation in Ooty. The rooms of the cottage are well furnished where you can breathe the beauty of the hill station. Further, the surrounding of the cottage is completely silent as well as peace giving where you can stay peacefully. The cottage is having 2 well furnished rooms along with 4 beds, which is economically and comfortable offer home to 8 guests.

Well Furnished 3 Bedroom Cottage


It is one of the cottages in Ooty where you can enjoy find blend of city life along with natural surroundings. The cottage is very close to main city of the hill station where you can go for shopping, have your favourite cuisines served across the world, and at the same time can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. The cottage is having 3 bedrooms as well as 3 beds in each bedrooms in which 6 guests can rest without any discomfort.

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The Homestays And Cottages In Ooty Will Always Offer Tourists Pleasing Experience

If we rank the different hill stations in India then Ooty will definitely stand ahead of each one. Due to this reason at times many people refer Ooty as the Queen of the hill stations. Once, you will land on the soil of the hill station you will definitely find that you are in another world where everything is being arranged by God so that God can rest at this place. If you are really wondering for the paradise on this earth then its high time to book your ticket or arrange tour and travel for spending few days in Ooty. In the hill station everywhere you can find greenery, awesome view of amazing landscapes, waterfalls, forests, tall trees, mountains surrounded by clouds, and hills attracting you for trekking. At Ooty, you will never know how time has passed even if you have spent more than a month at this place.


Along with natural beauty and beautiful sight; there several other things that will attract you and your beloved companion having varied interests. In the hill station you reach to different places like Annamalai Temple, Boating at Pykara, Doddabetta Peak, Dolphin’s Nose, Echo Rock, Waterfalls at Pykara, Fern Hills Palace, Hidden Valley, Historical dam with power station at Pykara, Ooty Botanical Gardens, Ooty Rose gardens, Pine forest, Shooting Point, Sims Park, The Tea Factory, Wax World Museum, and several other places where you can get peace, knowledge, and can do different adventurous activities.

Whether, you are the solo tourist, honeymoon couple, traveling in a large group, arranging the family get-together, and whatever may be the reason you will always find the hill station perfect destination for spending holidays. Since Ooty lies in Nilgiri Mountain Range; therefore, it has the cool and adorable temperature in any season, which means you can arrange your trip to the hill station without waiting for any perfect time.

Perfect and top-rated places where you can stay in Ooty


It often happens when tourists planned their tour and travel without considering the major aspect where they will stay in such cases they mostly come across several hassles that may make your stay in Ooty unpleasing. Therefore, before arriving at this paradise you must take help of online guide specialized in arranging homestays and cottages for you in the hill station. Here some of top-rated homestays and cottages in Ooty where you can get most pleasing experience until the time you will be in the hill station.

Beautiful Cottage

 By the name itself, the cottage in Ooty is defining its quality of living that it can offer to any tourist. The cottage will be offering most pleasing, cool, calm, and natural surroundings. Further, Beautiful Cottage will perfectly suit to the group of 42 guests as it has 13 huge rooms as well as 21 luxurious beds.

Priya Heritage Cottage


Out of several cottages in Ooty, Priya Heritage Cottage is the place where tourists can get the perfect blend of luxury living. The cottage is there in Ooty since British time but now it has been renovated to offer the beautiful look. The cottage is having 5 rooms for staying and 5 beds, which will offer most pleasing experience to almost 11 guests.

Deccan Park Cottage


Deccan Park Cottage is one of the perfect cottages in Ooty from where tourists can easily commute to different tourists’ attractions of the hill station. From the cottage, you can reach Ooty Lake, bars, pubs, and other places for joining happening parties. In this comfortable cottage, you can get 59 rooms and 59 beds, which can easily accommodate a huge group of tourists’ maximum up to 118 guests.

Super Classy Holiday Home 5.jpg

Super Classy Holiday Home is the place in Ooty where one can spend most memorable time with their family as well as some very special in life. The home has beautiful interior and its surrounding will offer you view like heaven. The home is putting forward attractive 4 well-furnished rooms as well as 4 beds for a better stay. In addition in the home, 8 guests can stay without any hassle and can enjoy the beauty of the hill station.

Graceful Homestay 6.jpg

The homestay in Ooty is perfectly well maintained and while staying here you will feel like the elite class section of society. At Graceful Homestay you and your companions can get high-end hospitality as well as quick room service whenever you are in need. The huge homestay is providing grand 10 rooms and beds where almost 10 guests can spend the best time of their life.

Liesure Lynfield Homestay


The beautifully designed and well-maintained homestay in Ooty is the best place to stay in Ooty. Liesure Lynfield Homestay has 3 rooms with attached bathrooms and you will always find the whole homestay neat and clean. Further, the homestay is also providing 3 double beds, which will be spacious and comfortable for 6 guests.