Explore Maharashtra by Getting Most Attractive and Comfort Giving Homestays in Pune and Mumbai


Are you planning to visit some exotic places may be on your business trip, honeymoon, or for spending summer or winter holidays? With no other second thought, plan for Mumbai and Pune. You will not only cover two great or popular cities of Maharashtra, which is nearby but also get a chance to see the natural beauty, great architectural monuments, and wildlife.


Mumbai is one of the biggest cities of Maharashtra, also known as the entertainment and financial capital. It is also popularly called as ‘the city of dreams” as it is filled with dreamers like struggling actors, laborers, Bollywood stars, students, elite class professionals, and owners of giant business houses. You will find their friendly people who are ready to help you in any way. Mumbai is the city where the sun never sets for people, as it seems people are chasing the time.

If you want your vacation even more exciting or interesting, you must visit Pune, the most peaceful place with natural beauty and amazing weather, which will refresh your body and mind. It is a place where you can sit, relax and breathe in heart of nature as the place has many beautiful landscapes and small hills where people rarest visit. The city has now become the most popular tourist destination as there are some more weekend destinations like Khandala and Lonavala which are mostly seen in India movies. If you want Homestay in Mumbai homevilas gives you perfect accommodation for your vacation.


Drive Round the destinations

There are several attractions in Mumbai that will leave you to amaze. A walk around the streets of Colaba is enough for you to get a glimpse of the colonial era buildings. Further, in Pune, you can enjoy the beauty of ancient architectures like Sinhagad Fort, Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple, Shivneri Fort, Aga Khan Palace, Vishrambaug Wada, Rajgad Fort, Lohagad Fort and much more which makes this place a significant from other places.

Accommodation, the basic necessity

After booking the ticket for Mumbai and Pune via bus, train or plane, the foremost thing you should do is booking the accommodation which removes half of the anxiety. Staying in a comfortable and budgeted place like homestay in Pune or Mumbai will not only provide you the privacy but you will also get the homely environment. You can find various companies providing accommodation online at a budgeted price.


There are various types of homestays with different budgets:-

Service Apartment and huge Apartment: People prefer to stay in such apartments which ensure safety as well as privacy which you do not get in hotels. You will get a chance to interact with local people, where you can explore the city in the better way or know about such places which a local guide won’t take you. While staying in serviced apartments in Mumbai and Pune you can taste delicious local as well as cuisines that are served across the world. Moreover, both the places are for famous for spicy street foods like Wada Paw, Pao Bhaji, etc. which almost every tourist or localities enjoy having it. In addition, by living in apartments with numerous rooms to stay you can easily commute to Juhu and Chopati the two famous beaches where tourists mostly visit.


Cottages: If you want to sit beside nature, and want the best scene to be captured, you should book a cottage with several rooms to stay which you mostly find in hilly areas or with the greenery around. This is good for newly wedded couples, where they can spend time and capture beautiful moments of their new life. Both the cities are a great combo of nature and wildlife. In Mumbai, besides having busy work schedule people spare time for their health also. Early morning, you will find people doing exercises in Joggers Park, Hanging Garden, etc. you can also find various plants and animals in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. In Pune, you can enjoy the nature of beauty by seeing beautiful landscapes and capture the amazing view of your camera. All such dreams can be easily getting converted into reality if you do prior booking of cottages by logging-on most reliable companies’ websites available online for offering Book Homestay in Pune or even at times in Mumbai.


Villas or Bungalows: As you increase your budget, you will get better accommodation to live in. They are mostly found in outer areas where you can find peace and can spend time with friends or partner easily. You will get a cook to serve the food and various other facilities which you will not get in a luxurious hotel even. Further, Mumbai is the city where no one wants to miss a chance to have a glance or to meet the celebrities. You can visit R. K. Studio, Yash Raj Studio, Film City, etc. and enjoy seeing live shootings running inside. The villas and bungalows that you get as an accommodation from reputed online websites can offer you such chances.

Mumbai and Pune are the places where you can get anything at your budgeted price and budgeted homestays are the best options for accommodation to opt for. Besides enjoying the traditional cuisines of both the cities, you can now accommodate in your budgeted price, which does not affect your pocket and moreover, you feel more secure and safe in Homestay Accommodation in Mumbai.